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We want to tell you how the HighRize Kicker Lift came into being. Most inventors have stories about the design and concept, but our story started out as a problem, that we soon changed into an opportunity.

As enthusiastic boaters, my wife Kimberly and I spend a lot of time on the water. It became increasingly more and more difficult and challenging manoeuvring our boat motor in and out of the water while at the same time dealing with back troubles. One beautiful day out on the ocean we were coming back, and I had to lift the motor up to get to shore by leaning over the transom. Pinching my finger in the manual lift and having my cell phone dropping into the water didn’t make me very happy…to say the least. When talking to Kimberly about my frustrations I thought: “There HAS to be a better way to do this and make life simpler for boaters”. Many sketches and conversations later, the HighRize Kicker Lift became reality. Now by a push of a button the motor can go up and down, my back is happy and it’s great to know my phone will stay in my pocket.

Boating should be fun not stressful.


Doug & Kimberly

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